Fresher who are new in Digital Marketing and searching for a job they are facing lots of problem like what would questions and fresher are also facing the problem to get hire on position in which they are applied, First of all we should know that they are four main domain where people get hired

  1. SEO
  2. PPC
  3. Content Write
  4. SMO

There are four main domain where people get hired, now we are talking about how we can get job in a company where you have interview and what are preparations you should do before going to SEO job interview.

Review Company Profile

If you have interviewed tomorrow then you should study that company profile and its website and social Media Pages and try to find out where you can bring improvement in company Digitally if you have any suggestion then write it down and it’s also very beneficial in your job interview.   

Your Profile

This is also important that your own profile should be updated as interviewer would check your profile as well to make sure that person who is applying for a job how is updated   alis is also view your profile.


As fresher you probably don’t have Experience but you can show them projects which you worked during your leaning or you can create your blog and you can demonstrate your own website,

All you need in Digital marketing that Practical Exposure, While learning SEO you should have Practical Exposure where you have worked and make it in profile if someone does not Practical Exposure then he should create his own Blog and do Practice on that research keywords and do practice on your blogs and result from your research and then put that in your profile because this is only way to tell interviewer about your experience and what you have done and achieved in past and in during your training    you must know that Digital Marketing need only one thing from you that is Results.    

Tools You use

Whatever tools you are using in your project or you have knowledge of any tools you must put in your resume as digital marketing is all about practical job with this you can tell interviewer that thesis tools you are using for your research,

Basic Terminology

We have personally realize that many of fresher are fail to recall basic terminology like what is PPC and what is CTR and where is cost per conversion even they are good to create good ads, You have to remember those Terminology because interviewer is looking someone who can do those things for his company and you would be one of other whom already applied for same position in same company.

Above all four are basic technical hacks for Digital Marketing Job interview now we talk about what are questions can be asked to you in your Interview

What is SEO & why is it so important

This question has two parts, in number one you have you tell about SEO and its definition and in other part you have tell why its important, we can also answer that how it is effective for them ( you can answer this when you have studied them before attending interview)

How Search Engine does works and name some Search Engines?

In this you have define Search Engine and how it works with basic technical example like User Query, SERP, Indexing and Crawler.

What is off-page SEO, tell some types of off-page SEO Techniques?

First part you can answer easily but in next part of question you have mention those link building techniques which has value in present SEO.

What is a Do-Follow link & No Follow Links?

This is asked Question, you have tell them benefits of Do-follow links and and why we should we do Do-Follow link building and No-follow links as well.

What is robots.txt & can you write its syntax?

If you understand this question then you would easily know that here is Interviewer is asking for practical implication he may be give his Laptop to write robots.txt then you have write robots file and then tell them how to upload it and where it should be uploaded

User-Agent: *
Disallow: /admin 
How to create sitemaps?

Then here you have you mention how to create sitemaps.

Can you do Black Hat SEO for us.

In this question interviewer wanted to know that what do you know about Black hat SEO, but you have to tell them Why we shouldn’t do Black Hat, what will loss of this and tell them you can do Gray Hat SEO for interviewer

CTR, Bounce Rate, Referral Traffic

Its better to give them mathematics formula of Click through rate which is

CTR= Clicks x 100 / ad impressions 

Bounce Rate is number of visitors in your website and exit without going to other page is calculate as a Bounce Rate
Referral Traffic are those traffic is which coming to your website

Have you ever used Google Trends? if yes then for what purpose ?

This is also part techno question and interviewer is asking you which tools you use and do you know how to use those tools in SEO, Suppose you used some tools but you don’t know to and you would know what is purpose of those tools

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