Hey once again I’m here with NEW Topic, Today we are talk about SSL Certificates   

What is SSL Certificate  
how much it usefully in SEO  
How many type of SSL certificates  

What type of SSL certificates we would use for which website  

As we know there are 200 facts which directly and indirectly effect Search Ranking but very racgh google has pull on a factor  

On Augest 6, 2014 Google did say something very particular 

Google confirmed that websites with ssl certificate (https://) would get an added advatage in the search engine results pages ( SERPs) 

If your website is having SSL certificate then your website in secured which google recognize as a Important factor in ranking  

If see a check you would found that more than 80% sites which having SSL certificate are ranked on Google   

Lets take one expleame here as user perspective 

If someone visiting two website and he found a note that this website in not Secure and another website has Secure website 

What you think where user wants to go  

Answer definitely stand with a secured website.  

Website which ahving SSL certificates users are stay on website and they will trust on your context as user has a lot options to get information by this it will create bounce rate and wouldn’t come back on your website.  

Types of SSL Certificates  

1- Single Domain SSL Certificates  
2- Multi Domain SSL Certificates
3- Wild Card SSL Certificates
4- Organization SSL Certificates 
5- Extended SSL Certificates   


What is Single Domain SSL Certificates  ?

It is for just a Domain not even Sub Domain. Its best if you don’t have Sub-Domain then it would worth  

What is Multi Domain SSL Certificates ?

If you buy this one it works on all your domain like every Sub-Domain etc 

What is Wild Card SSL Certificates ?

Its covers all domains under one root domain  

What is Organization SSL Certificates ?

This type of certificates are authenticate organization related documents as well  ( This best option for e-commerce websites ) 

What is Extended SSL Certificates ?

Website with Extended SSL Certificate on IE shows green bar, padlock, HTTPS, organization name and country code 

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