We have seen that when we Search with word PDF and found a lot of pages with open PDF file

So today we are talking about that how we can rank PDF files

Here is some point with which can do SEO for PDF

Name of PDF File

We have to be very choosy and focus on Name of file before upload on web server, because your keywords are very important factor in your file name when someone searching on web its also create relevancy with Topic and Search query as well,

Unique and Optimized Title,

Using of keywords with optimization in Title so Search Engine can easily understand your PDF file,    

Mobile Friendly PDF Experience

When you are saving PDF file you have to make sure that PDF file should be mobile friendly size wise and loading speed wise

Compressed Images

When we are creating PDF file is already have its own weight plus when we put images in it it will become more heavy and we all know that from the SEO perspective size of the page is most important factor so make sure whatever images will be in your PDF should be compressed

Heading and Subheading

If im saying proper Heading and Subheading its mean Im telling you to follow same way which we are using in content Like we should have proper H1, H2, H3 it make crawler easy to understand content

Text content

While making PDF for web keep in your mind that text is can easily crawl then images in PDF file, so keep your file simple with proper Text content.

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