• November 17, 2019
  • Asad Iqbal
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Today We are going learn how to integrate of reCAPTCHA V3 in wordPress step by step, we are using WP Plugin Form 7

Let start with decision that What are feathers in Google reCAPTCHA V3

We take example here

You may be notice that you (may Be) are receiving spam messages from you are website its mean that someone spamming with your website. So to stop those spam we setup reCAPTCHA in website

Integra reCAPTCHA V3

We took contact form 7 and some one starting spamming on your website, spamming mean that someone sending spam (Jurk) email to you so reCAHTCHA v3 automatically detect spam content just you have to integrate it into your Contact form now we are discuss how to integrate reCHAPCHA in your website,

First we go to your Dashboard then we will going contact then integration

In second option (reCAPTCHA) Click on Setup Integration it will take you on Google reCHAPCHA and Click on Admin Console with your gmail account

then you can create keys (Secret & API Key) from clinking on Plus Icon

Now take a look how to create key of reCHAPCHA

Click on Google reCHAPCHA from your admin panel it will redrict to rechatcha cnsole panel 

  • Now Label your website
  • Then click on reCHACHA V3
  • Now we put to domain name ( where we want to use it )
  • Make you don’t have to put HTTP:// just use domain name e.x domain.com
  • Then accept T&C and submit

After submitted it will take you to next page

now you have your Site Key & Secret Key, Copy both from this page and then paste it into your contact from

Make sure that keys should be copied / same if there is any error it wont work

and save it now you would have message on admin panel that Keys are saved

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