Backlinks are key factor to rank your website in Search Engines and there are many types of links you can create to your Website or for your client website.

Internal Links
Internal Links are those links which are created within your website,
E.g. We have many link within our website, Links from Menu to Page, Link from blog to similar post, It can be in shape of Clickable Bottoms to take on blog or post within your Website

Links with Brand Name Anchor Tags
In many case you have to link your own brand Name this type of Backlinks cover in this

Links with keywords Anchor Tags
We put Anchor tags to our Keywords, it’s same as above but in this catalogue we replace brand name into Keywords 

Links from Videos
If your business have any videos which are online you can take links from those videos 

Links from SlideShare
I have seen many whom Sharing their PPT online so you can put your link there 

Links from Reviews
You can give your reviews and get links from there

Ask People you Know
You can ask to People to give you backlinks from their website.

Links from Q&A Sites
Answering the question which is relevance to your Product,  

BackLinks Tip

How-to Guide
You can give solution in Article which starting with How To,

Resource Guide
Resource Guide is same as How-To but in Resource Guide are guiding about something

Give & Conduct an Interview
Interview is similar to Q&A, Resource & How to Guide, but in this you can Ask question to someone or someone ask you a question which you answer

Original Research link
In this you can give link to original Research or you can say that giving Credit to author of Research

Links to Your  Case Studies
If you have case study and you put it online you can take and give link from it

Create a Template or tools
If you have created any Templates and tool where you can put your link

This is very natural Link which is given by someone to your Blog or your website

Graphic & Infographic Links
If you have create any graphic you can  put and take links from those Graphic

Graphic & Infographic Citation Links
Give link to page from where data were collected is called Citation Links

Social Media Profile
You can take links from your Social Media Profiles

Social Media Post
Updating your Social Media post with Link of your website

Links from linkedin
You can take link from your Linkedin profile

Google My Business
It’s give option to put your URL

Industry Directories ( Relevant and Non-Spammy)
There are many Directories from your own Industry where you take link, but make sure that its Should be Relevant and Non-Spammy directory.

Links from Local Directories
Same as Industry Directory

Links from Local News Sites
Local news sites are very accessible and having its own good Reputation, ( Search Engines are giving Priority to News Website)      

Links from Traditional Media or Press
If you having an event and you have send press release to newspaper and TV Channel and they can published and give links  

Contribute Quote Post or crowd-sourced
There are many website which having Quote Post you can comment and get link from there

Write Quote Post or crowd-sourced
As above I mentioned that in Quote Post you can Comment to get Backlink and similarly you can write post as well

Guest Blogging
You can write a blogs from you can link your webpage

Links from Newsletter and Emails
If you are sending Newsletter to your Customer you can take link from there,

Here are few type of link which I have covered in this post and most of them are not relevance to your business but still many from this list you can use for backlinking,

If you have any question and you want me to cover those topics and email me on so I can try to cover on my next blog / post

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